Jason Clavey is a freelance Photographer from the UK living in Cyprus. Specialising in Wedding photography, Glamour/fashion photography and event photography.

Determined, creative and result-oriented individual with a developed reputation for producing high quality imagery and recognised with numerous companies, organisations, brands, and agencies.

Jason started his photography career while studying a HNC sound production course in Aberdeen (Scotland), working closely with bands and concerts in and around the city before moving to Edinburgh (Scotland).
While working in two nightclubs as an assistant manager, Jason was highly involved with promoters and clubs around the city. This lead to him becoming the regional operations manager for Scotlands biggest nightlife company GambitLive and began his ascent into the world of nightlife photography.
While doing some commissioned work in Cyprus during the summer of 2010, Jason teamed up with photographer Duncan Palmer and took Cyprus by storm creating stunning nightlife and event media that had never been done before on the island. This lead to the creation of “THIS IS…” in the spring of 2011 where his photography skills are climbing ever higher – travelling the world, constantly creating new styles and techniques to suit every client.
Working with big names in the industry such as L’oreal, Monster Energy, Infusion Magazine (Dubai), Flo Rida, Atticus, Front Magazine, GQ magazine and many more…

• Expertise in Photoshop editing, image manipulation, and image restoration.
• Excellent knowledge in defining themes and concept for photography and graphic design,
• Undertaking or supervising photography
• High volume post production editing.
• very skilled at preparing and distributing materials.
• Experience in major event coverage.
• Excellent interpersonal, persuasive and communication skills.

  •   Super professional photographer! When Jason asked if we have any ideas about the photo session. Inside me, something said that you can rely on the imagination of this man and it was so! We had a great day! thank you bro!

    thumb Boris Yakovlev

      Amazing work from Jason 100% of the time! Great fun, positive and friendly. A pleasure to be around and he makes you feel very comfortable with the camera! I recommend Jason to anybody !

    thumb Marina Olhovskaya

      Very talented, professional, kind and positive young man! 100% recommend!

    thumb Anna Berner
  •   I've worked with Jason for many years in the night life industry. His photos are stunning, every time and in any environment.

    thumb Pav Volatile

      Amazing photographer, have had the pleasure of working with Jason for many years in the nightlife industry and have always been happy with his work.

    thumb Steve Richards

      He is the best photographer I've ever met. Each photo made by him is unreal. I remember how every night of last year I ran to the club where he worked, to make one more awesome photo. I saw his works not in clubs and they are also amazing

    thumb Inna Gracheva
  •   Jason came in Cyprus and took the photography in another dimension, one of the best photographer I ever met, very talented and professional. 100% recommend!!!

    thumb Yiannis Kofteros

      Highly recommended for any occasion! Keep your good work and professionalism! Stay blessed and inspired for your future goals!

    thumb Cvetoslava Getova

      Best of the best !�

    thumb Oksana Danilicheva
  •   One of the most professional photographers I've worked with, with a signature style. Highly recommended.

    thumb George Markou

      Best Photographer around! Wouldn't use anyone else

    thumb Adrian Mathieson

      I've known Jason for years ... Everything from Party Style to Weddings and Commercial photography ... This guy is pure talent behind the lens !!!!

    thumb Tony Dynamou
  •   I knew Jason from the Gym and as a clubbing photographer. He's excellent at his Job and all his photoshoots either club, wedding or anything else is Always Epic! Great pleasure to know him! Now i wanna get married just for the pics lol! Big thumbs up!

    thumb Nikita Antoniou Gustavsson

      The key to being a great photographer is the passion they bring to their job. Jason's passion shows in his work; be it a party, a commercial shoot or a wedding.

    thumb Teddy Dako


    thumb Andrew Tofias
  •   Jason is one of the best photographer I ever met.. well fair enough he is the best. It doesn't really matter if you are looking for party pictures, wedding or some photoshoot at the beach.. the result will be more that you can only imagine, I clearly can guarantee that.

    thumb Olga Ploika

      Jason is an amazing professional at the top of his game. His images are technically superb. He has a wonderful way of putting people at ease. His eye is great; he knows what will make a good picture and is capable of creating the right setting. It was awesome working with you!

    thumb Leonidas Georgiou

      All good days, Jason is the best photographer, the camera does not like me, but all the photos he shot were excellent

    thumb Alexsa Kulkova
  •   Do you need perfect Photo, go to Jason! Fantastic job! Thank you!

    thumb Greta Gaizutyte

      I first met Jason at Castle Club a few years back and got a few photography tips. I have since then both evolved myself as a photographer as well as I have been following the fine work of this young gentleman. Jason Clavey is truly a professional who is willing to walk the extra mile to make your pictures perfect. Keep up the good work.

    thumb Hans LuckySeven Christensen

      I knew Jason as clubbing photographer he always did amazing photos ❤️ And now I'm still following him and like his photo more and more. So I definitely recommend him if you want to have lovely memory from Cyprus.

    thumb Lana Kamens
  •   I have no words to say! The king of the light! One of my favourite photographers on the island, I'm doing photography for 5 years and Jason still on top! Thank u for inspiration.

    thumb Aziz Altaany