HI! I’m Jason Clavey, a freelance Photographer from the UK living in Cyprus.

Specialising in Weddings, Fashion and Event photography.

My Style:

My photography style is an unobtrusive candid style focussing on the small details, with stunning soft pastel colours and warm skin tones in post production. My photography experience comes from over 10 years in nightlife & events and 4 years of full time wedding experience so your mind can be at ease knowing you are dealing with a professional who is well experienced in the photography industry.


About Me:

Determined, creative and result-oriented individual with a developed reputation for producing high quality imagery and recognised with numerous companies, organisations, brands, and agencies.

I started my photography career while studying a HNC sound production course in Aberdeen (Scotland), working closely with bands and concerts in and around the city before moving to Edinburgh (Scotland).

While working in two nightclubs as an assistant manager, I was highly involved with promoters and clubs around the city. This lead to becoming the regional operations manager for Scotlands biggest nightlife company at the time “GambitLive” and I began my ascent into the world of nightlife photography.
While doing some commissioned work in Cyprus during the summer of 2010, I teamed up with another photographer and took Cyprus by storm creating stunning nightlife and event media that had never been done before on the island. This lead to the creation of “THIS IS…” in the spring of 2011 where my photography skills climbed ever higher – travelling the world, constantly creating new styles and techniques to suit every client.

In the winter of 2016 I made a big decision in my life to give up the nightlife photography and focus my skills towards weddings. This meant almost starting from the beginning again as it was fairly new territory for me. But with some help and guidance from fellow wedding photographers/inspirations I haven’t looked back!

Working with big names in the industry such as L’oreal, Monster Energy, Infusion Magazine (Dubai), Atticus Clothing, Muscle Mag, Front Magazine, GQ magazine and many more…

Cyprus Weddings Magazine

My favourite gear:

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, DJI Mavic 2 Pro and a whole collection of Canon & Sigma lenses.